Born in Glasgow in 1985, he grew up in the suburb of Thornliebank, which is essentially Glasgow, but not really. After finishing at his very local high school, he went to Strathclyde University and graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2007. After that, he left Glasgow to find fame and fortune in Aberdeen.

At the same time as this, he started a blog called The Crashing Sound of Insanity Impacting Reality, which would later be renamed just The Blog of Mark Shields. It has been ever-present since, with over 800 posts over eleven long years.

He moved to Houston, Texas in 2010 for a year, and then moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 2012, and then moved to England in 2015, where he still lives with his wife, Connie, his two daughters and their idiot dog, Frank.

Mark has loved music more than anything in his life since he was a teenager, and has wrote about music for his own blog, other people's blogs, and some magazines in his time. In 2011 he started to create home-grown podcasts titled Wednesday Graveyard, as well as a series of weekly Spotify playlists, amassing a single playlist of over 1000 curated tracks. In 2013 he started his own radio show, The Monday Graveyard, which specialises in ambient, electronic and drone music. It used to broadcast on Pulse 98.4, but now it is a purely community lead podcast streaming on Mixcloud and on your favourite podcast apps.

After several years of having multiple blogs and sites, he moved them all under this one shiny new roof in the summer of 2014. From here, it will grow and expand into a large international multimedia conglomerate. Or not.