The Old Posts

When I transferred the blog from Blogger to the new site, a few problems appeared. The first was that the new site was a little harder to make like a real blog, but with a few tricks, I’ve now got a search button over there, RSS feeds for the two blogs, and the Archive down the right had side, which mimics the old user interface. That’s good.

One big issue was the change of web addresses for posts. You see, the original blog was simply just and each post was a slug after that; posts in 2008 where which didn’t work with the new site’s design, what with the blog posts actually being behind What this meant was that all the old links were sending you to an old version of the blog that didn't exist anymore, which was a shame. Loads of little jokes, links, and the histories behind the posts were now linking to dead space. I even made a 404 page to tell you that.

Well, worry no more. I’ve done a bit of tinkering inside the site and now if you’re linked to an old article it’ll automatically pop you onto the one that you were originally aiming for.

There is one final issue – back in the olden days of the blog, pre 20010, the site was hosted at – any links that use that will have a popup from Blogger saying “You’re Being Redirected” (which is nice of them) and then you’ll drop into the current, new post. Nothing I can do about that (unless I go back and change all the old links… which is unlikely).

So yeah, hope you like the new site and the new design, and if there are any other bugs, let me know.