Changing Facebook

"Why the fuck do I have a Facebook account" is a question I regularly ask my self. It's not because Facebook is a poor site, but that I completely lost any patience I had with it probably around four years ago, and the longer I struggle along with it because of loads of reasons, like friends that use it, the radio station uses it as a area for it's presenters and producers, and there is an entire side of my family that I need to stay connected with (and some my local family too, I guess). I've moaned about it as much as I probably can.Ahem.

But... christ, it's difficult. I even chopped a load of friends a while back to try and reclaim a semblence of personal touch to the site, with my concept being that I'd use it more if it was more personal. That hasn't happened. In fact, the fewer people I have on my feed, obviously the fewer stories Facebook legitimately to hand me, so instead now it throughs utter garbage at me about stuff I don't care about.

In order, today, this is what Facebook is "feeding" to me on the News Feed:

  • Photos of a friend from 2011 that have recently been liked by someone I don't know.
  • A comment by a friend on a post on his wall... by someone I don't know.
  • A range of birthday messages to a friend, messages from folk I don't know

My biggest gripe with Facebook at the moment is the cross-feed bleed; stuff from other people's activities that appear in my feed about people I don't even care about. It's infuriating. And then there's another side - the Facebook will hide things I want to actually read. See, my page for my radio show has 60 odd likes, but only 10 of those a time will see what I post. This is because Facebook has decided to monetise this "outreach" to make money. As a content provider it's fucking nonsense, and as a consumer of content it's mind boggling.


The constant reposting of things from months and years ago is increasingly like a family friend passing round that email that you read three years ago that has a page on I don't care that friends Like things. Or post things on other people's pages. Or re-share those stupid fucking meme pages that are just like-bait pages that are later sold for advertising likes. It's batshit, and Facebook are to blame.

Anyway, Facebook has one other thing that I hate - they own what you post. Which, leads me onto a final point that will get it's own post soon... but that's another thing, for another time.

So, in a few months, I'm going to delete almost everyone not a family or close friend from Facebook, and then stop reading it. I need it for contact and the radio, but honestly, I hate it. I prefer the direct person to person contact of Twitter and this blog - you want to see my photos? Well, be a closer friend to me. And with the arrival of my child in a few weeks, this will be underlined.