The Big Change

Remember, if you can, what the internet was like back in late 2006. I was an active Bebo user, and I had only two email addresses. I had a fast 1Mb broadband connection, and my phone, then a Nokia N80, could only connect to certain types of Wifi networks, with certain types of encryption, and the fact that my phone connected to Wifi was easily the most novel part of the device (that and it’s 2 Mega Pixel camera).

I started blogging back in February 2007. I was in the middle of the worst university experience I’ve ever had. I lived with Hyder in a flat in the west end, and I didn’t know if I’d even be able to graduated with a degree worthwhile using professionally. It is, and will always be, one of the darkest few months in my life. If the only thing that came out of it had been a silly blog I never used then yes, it’d still be a weird time in my life. Instead the blog that was created back then is still in operation over seven years later, with over 650 posts, many many views, and the internet is such a vastly different place.

Also, the blog just hit 100,000 unique visitors since May 2009. Wow.

Over time I’d managed to make the Blogger style look better than it had been. I’d aimed for a functional but still clear style, and I think that I’d managed it depiste the limitations. In 2010 I flirted with Wordpress, moving the whole site there, but I chickened out. Blogger seemed easily and simple and uncomplicated. But now, it’s not what I need.

As of June 2014 the site, and this blog, has moved home to a new place. A new home with more flexibility. Instead of being a blog, it’s now a blog on a site, a professional homepage for me and my stuff, including my Maps, my Radio show, my Professional career, and this blog, of course.

I didn’t make the move lightly, and spent over a month “in beta” before moving the blog wholesale across. So yes, it’s a big deal.

The new site is more complicated, but in effect is actually easier to use, and over the coming months it’ll change into more and more content. I don’t plan on stopping blogging, just modifying the way it’s aggregated. This will be the home of so many parts of my online presence now, and over time will also replace Facebook entirely.

At first, there might be slight changes or mistakes or links that take you to the wrong place – it’s not been easy importing over 600 posts from seven years into the new site. Also, if you’re old school and have been using the old Blogger address as your bookmark, you’re not going to find it here. The new address for this blog is

Use the new Contact Me page if you want to get in touch, and have a look around. There’s going to be more added, over time, and it’ll make things a lot easier for me and for you, dear reader. I have always been about change – it’s now time to evolve.