As you may know, my wife and I are expecting our first child this coming July. As it gets closer, instead of the expected fear, anxiety and worry, we are empowered thanks to our Hypnobirthing. Seems that actually embracing the birth and the events means that you can be take it in your stride. As someone recently pointed out though, of course, the actual effect of the programme won't be known until afterwards, which is a very good point. 

There is one thing we are a little dismayed by, and that is the timing of everything. 

See, around a year ago, we bought tickets for the Commonwealth Games that are being held in Glasgow this coming summer. I have been excited about them since way back in 2008 I reckon, when they were first confirmed to be coming to the city, and then I lived in Aberdeen and was never 100% sure about where I would be living when they finally did arrive.

Now however I am, despite owning tickets, unlikely to be able to go - see, our due date, despite them being a little nonsensical, is around the exact time that our tickets for the two events we have are. 


There isn't anyhting wrong with our timing really, it's just a shame that it is very unlikely Connie will be able to go to anything, and the only way I'll be able to go is if our child doesn't arrive until the very latest, and I take someone else. Or we pass the tickets on.

I originally planned on passing them on to friends or others who wanted them, but recently I've realised that Connie's mom is coming over, and it'd be super awesome as a thing to do with her as something that is kinda one in a lifetime, which is why it's a bit rubbish that Connie will be missing it.

However, on balance, the once in a lifetime thing is also when your first child is born, so maybe that's a fair trade off...