Being a Dad (Part 1 of ∞)

So Far...

Almost three weeks ago I became a dad for the first time. The birth was a traumatic experience like nothing else and I wish it on not even my worst enemies. There has been a lot of emotional and physical healing since the 16th, and we feel like we might be ffinally getting a hold of things. 

Interestingly, this paints my blog in a new light. One day, Joni will be able to read it. There will be blog posts that she can't read for years, but others that she might be able to, and the stories contained within are almost a living diary, one that one day I will share with her. She'll probably find it unsufferably uncool that her dad had a radio show, wrote a blog, and drew maps, but that's fine - I wouldn't be doing my job right if I wasn't really uncool.

In the first few weeks there has been a million different new experiences, and loads of them are really personal and won't be written on here, for that is probably not why you come along to read these posts. Instead, here's a few small things that I've noticed that aren't too personal.

She Loves My Radio Show

When she first came home Joni found it hard to settle for multiple reasons, but it was clear that one thing soothed here really well - the noise of the kettle boiling up. A few days later, after recording the kettle and playing it back to her occasionally, I realised that a lot of the music I play on my show sounds like that kettle. So, one night we were up and I decided to play her back one of my radio shows and she immediately went right to sleep. I thought it might have been a fluke, but...

She loves ambient and drone. I take that as meaning she loves my musical taste, but I feel it is more likely she likes the waves of noise. Her current favourite albums are Loscil's Sketches from New Brighton and Coast / Range / Arc, as well as the Boards of Canada album The Campfire Headphase and the abrasive noise of Tim Hecker's Ravedeath, 1972. I tried out some Aphex Twin with Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 but it wasn't as effective.

- Nappies/Diapers Aren't Full Proof

This one is obvious, but it bears repeating - they leak and when they do it's catastrophic.  Also, don't for one moment think that changing a nappy/diaper will mean they won't pee or poop.

We also have inter-changable names for them - nappies or diapers.

- Frank Doesn't Understand Crying

Joni and Frank have met a few times, but he's formally yet to come home from his grandparents. He will, in time, get used to Joni's smell and sound, but for now every time she cries he looks confused, worried, terrified and oddly interested, sniffing around the her cot and her car seat, whilst also trying to sneak off with one of her toys.

He has been quite good so far, so that's good. We will have to see how his full bedding in goes, but otherwise it is going quite well.