2015 (and the Return of the Reviewer)

Welcome (finally) to the new year, I supposed. I've been away for a bit of time and haven't posted in a while, and for that I apologise. I spent just over three weeks in Canada (which, if I can find a small moment of time, I'll post about) but otherwise I'm pretty starved for time to be honest. The majority of my "free" time is taken up by Joni, Connie, the radio show, and reviewing music.

Actually, that last one is something I should mention. Years ago, as you might remember, I used to review for God is in the TV (which is still going). I even was their news editor for a while. Colin and I also had our own blog for a short while called Sleepwalk Capsules, and I also wrote a bit for Tones of Town. Now, however, I am writing as an on-going concern for Scottish Fiction.

I've reviewed a few albums, EPs and singles, and I'll post a catch up post every few weeks so that you don't miss out on my writing, but it's a pretty good blog to keep up to date on Scottish music, so maybe have a regular gander at it now and then. Anyway, here's in Chronological order my recent reviews.

The Phantom Band - Strange Friend
Remember Remember - Forgetting the Past
Conquering Animal Sound - Talking Shapes
Esperi - Seasons
IndianRedLopez - Commit (Single)
Jonnie Common - Shark (Single)
Sound of Yell - Brocken Spectre
Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance