I Killed My Facebook

I hate taking the wheelie-bin out. It’s a necessary fact of life that each Thursday evening, long after I have forgotten about it and have hunkered down ready to head to bed, I remember that I’ve to take the blasted thing out. Unlike when we lived in Glasgow, I have no late-morning clemency here in England. When Joni was first born you’d have found me, 10.30am and bleary eyed, rushing out in my pyjamas in all weather, but here they turn up before I even go to work at 7am. I hate it, of course, but it’s just one of those things that you have to do.

Kind of like reading nonsense on Facebook, am I right? A while ago I pulled Facebook back to just being close friends and family. Or at least that the plan – I deleted a raft of “friends” (which is a wonderfully emotional phrase) but that just made things worse really. Once I trimmed everything back, Facebook had nothing to give me. Before I was being served with stuff and shares that I’d chose to follow – by the end I was getting stuff from loads of people that I didn’t know because my friends had commented or liked it. I know that this isn’t different from peole who have hundreds more friends than me too, as other people have complained about the same thing recently.

I first mentioned on this blog that I would get rid of Facebook way back in 2008, seven years ago. Since then I’ve complained a few times, mostly about how it became useless, and this weekend I finally gave up on it.

It wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be to be honest. I don’t use it anymore, really. I did when I was at Pulse and a bit for the Monday Graveyard, but it had become almost pointless by the time Joni arrived. She’s pretty much the only thing I want to share on there, and out of principle we won’t. So I’d go on there, skim through the random folk appearing in the feed and the people who do share on there, and just give up after a few seconds. The habit of just opening the page (I never used the app on my phone) was just that, a habit.

I will miss a few friends who post on there a lot. But for me, I use Twitter daily for everything else. I use Instagram for photos (yes, that’s Facebook) and Whatsapp to stay in touch with friends (that’s Facebook too actually) but the social network part? Pointless – none of my closest friends or family use it. Not one of my current closest pals will be suddenly be out of contact now I am no longer using it – they all have my number or my email address. The big loss would have been photos, but no one puts photos on Facebook anymore in my feed (at least not like they used to).

So now, I’ve killed it. I am not doing this to boast either – this is just mater of fact, with a bit of boasting but mostly explaining. I never used it the way they wanted me to (check-ins, games, Twitter style trending topics etc) and for now my itch for narcissistic stuff is fulfilled by my own blog and Twitter. As long as Twitter don’t get rid of the 140 character limit, keep their restraint on advertising, and the pure non-managed Twitter feed, I’ll keep using it too.