People Aren't Nice Around Here (Caveat: Sometimes)

It is wet and cold. People are everywhere in long jackets and grasping steaming coffees. The streets are busy. A car horn sounds as it backs up.
The shop is busy. A couple and their young daughter are trying to buy fruit. The father MARK SHIELDS, 30, is looking for yoghurt, as the mother CONNIE SHIELDS, 30 is looking for fruit. MARK SHIELDS has the stroller, with his daughter in it, who is hungry. An ELDERLY WOMAN is impatiently standing behind them.
Excuse me please.
Oh, I am sorry, give me a second.
MARK SHIELDS struggles to move the stroller out of the way. The aisles are busy and narrow.
The woman gives him a look.
ELDERLY WOMAN continues to make her way to the shelf. CONNIE SHIELDS is now pinned between the shelf and the woman, with a pillar in the way.
Hold on, let me get out of your way.
CONNIE SHIELDS tries to get out of ELDERLY WOMAN’s way but cannot. She pushes her way out, knocking the ELDERLY WOMAN’s trolley.
If you’d just let me get past I could’ve got out of your way!
MARK SHIELDS and CONNIE SHIELDS walk away shaking their heads. MARK SHIELDS loud speaks, so as to let the ELDERLY WOMAN hear.
Jesus, what is it with this place?


What is with this place. We've noticed that in some of the places people just don't get out of your bloody way. We've got a pram and we can just get out of you're way but Jesus, no one seems to care and the expect you to get out of their way before you're in their way (when actually they are in your way.

It's pretty strange actually, as I'd assumed that the stark difference between Glasgow and most of Scotland and my experiences of England were due to them mostly being in London (my experiences of Sheffield and Newcastle being vastly different) but just certain places here seem to have people is a really pissed off mood, even in the best weather of the summer.

And I don't mean the people are bad people of course - everyone we've met has been welcoming and pretty chilled out with us, but when out amongst the public there is just a slightly different tone to people's conduct that I find disheartening and really strange. 

It reached it's nadir in Carlisle, from which the opening scene is from. We had many people bump into us, walk into the pram, give us glares and look down on us. Even in my parent's home-from-home The Trout in Cockermouth we had folk actually look us up and down because we had the temerity to have spawned a child.

So yeah, bit weird. Either I need to be nicer to everyone, or start being a twat to everyone like they are to us.