A Tale of Illness

Today, I am off sick from work for the third day in a row. I have taken very few days off from work in my career to date, but in the past few weeks I have taken six days off in three weeks which is almost unheard of and it is because I am sick. Of course I only take time off from work when I am ill, but this time round I have managed to pick up a real hospital-visit required illness, and as such I am on a course of antibiotics for the first time in... well, I can't remember the last time I had to take them. 

Here's something that you might not know about me - I cannot take tablets at all. I have struggled for a long time with swallowing any type of tablet for as long as I can remember. Not sure what causes it - but it's very difficult to control. The nadir of this affliction was only last year when I had bursitis diagnosed and was going through some physio for it. The doctor, who couldn't get me the physio in time, prescribed some anti-inflamatory drugs and they came in a massive "horse-pill" size. This was scoffed at by Connie who at the time was taking three massive multi-vitamins to give Joni the best start, one of which was about the size of a Playmobil-scale American Football. I had to admit that my issue with tablets is entirely of my own doing and something that I should be able to get under control - but I can't. I've tried.

So it was with shame that this time round I had to ask for the syrup version of the anti-biotics that they give to kids. It came in banana flavour which is not something I will easily swallow; bananas sit in the top three foods I just can't abide by. 

It is strange to actually feel like I might never get better. The darkest point of any illness, of course, and comes probably before the dawn of feeling better which should be with in the next few days, but hopefully sooner. I'll be back at work before that, though, powering through.

The worst illness I can remember is the only two bouts of flu I've had to fight; one, in 2006 between Christmas and new years. I caught it from a friend on the Christmas night out for my course at university and it hung around for a few days. I hallucinated Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, a computer game Hyder was playing at the time, and Father Ted, which I binge-watched on DVD before binge-watching was a thing. I remember Duff, our short-term house-mate, coming into my room with Lemsip and some ibuprofen like a Christ-like saviour. Before that however I remember having a similar illness when I was still at High School and hallucinating about Harry Potter and Coldplay. 

This time round there were no hallucinations. And I hope that I have shook the illness, as I can't handle being ill anymore. Not only because it just feels crap, it comes with the added annoyance of eating into time at work, and most importantly makes looking after Joni really difficult. She's