The Return of Steam (ish)

Last week a colleague of mine chatted to me about going to the steam engine heritage days at the Bo'Ness and Kinneil Railway as a child. My father had worked alongside him years ago and he remembered my dad telling him of the awe that I had for steam trains in real life that I had been obsessing over since the first time I watched Thomas the Tank Engine.

I still have that fascination today. When the incoming ScotRail operator announced that they would be looking to put steam engines on the main network I was impressed, but waited for the inevitable realisation that running steam engines these days makes for a complicated operation - where in the past almost all major stations would have had watering facilities, they don't any more. Most of the time units that need to be re-watered need to be done from a road transport tanker of some other system of filling.

But anyway; I was impressed when the new company, Abellio, confirmed that steam would return regularly on the new Borders Railway, the first new railway opening in Scotland for a long time, and the long overdue return of rails to the borders.

So that's quite good news. I look forward to seeing them in action soon. For more information check out this page.