Moving to Cumbria, Part I

In the end, the Lake District charmed Connie and I. We will be back.

From the post "Uncle Frank's Family Holiday or, the Lake District (24/09/2012)

So. Just under three years after Connie and I (and Frank) visited Cumbria, we are back. But this time it's slightly more... permanent. We have left Glasgow behind and uprooted to just outside Cockermouth, ahead of a brand new job starting in a few weeks and... generally just making a big change to our lives.

In the fullness of time there will be more posts here to explain the changes and the reasons and to tell the stories. But instead, here's what greets us out our front door - cows. And sheep.

And this is what greets us less than five minutes away.

I think we might have made the right decision.