I have disconnected from the news for much of the year. It has depressed me and forced me off my personal Twitter, as it was annoying me more than enriching me. I am so happy to not be on Facebook for it appears to be even worse. 

A few days ago out of rage and annoyance at several newspapers I ranted on my Monday Graveyard twitter feed to presumably a few hundred bemused ambient music fans. I have since decided to forgo the politics and try and remain on point, but have failed since last Wednesday's events. 

I post the series of tweets here as a blog post because they are true and real words that I have struggled to articulate in a full post. 


This country is at its absolute lowest. An absolute fucking disgrace. It is insane that the word "foreign" is now used pejoratively. My wife is fucking foreign. She's an immigrant. The insanity is that people don't see her like that because she's white and Canadian. If the press and the right wing feel they have been emboldened you can only imagine the rage and protest alighting inside me.

This is something I thought we had got past. Something we had managed to grow up and mature out of. But nope, seems like it was waiting.  ust waiting for the right time to come back stronger and empowered, validated by a useless PM and an even more useless government.

And the worst thing I'd that if you disagree your labeled antidemocratic and smeared widely. Fuck this place.  Anyone reading those headlines today, realising what we voted for as a country, and then laughing at Trump should be twisting in pain. 

We are no better. 2016 appears to be the annus horribilus for western democracy. Thing is - it can apparently only get worse.


And on Tuesday in the states it inevitably did. Ugh.  

Good guy Body in the Thames replied back with some words of wisdom and comfort.  

 --- @BodyInTheThames 

Keep fighting dude. Here's my take; In order for love to blossom borders must be removed. For an international movement based on anything like one love or a universal appreciation of humanity and the environment it was ALWAYS necessary for Nationalism to be defeated. For racism to be defeated, for prejudice to be defeated. This battle is unavoidable and the prejudiced and the Nationalists...I believe this is their last stand.

I feel pity for them and understand that the politics of austerity has made them angry and desperate and that some media and politicians are full throttle on exploiting that anger so try and avoid getting angry like them and trust in love. 


It is easy to see his point when just on Thursday we welcomed Etta Rae into our wee family. Time to make the world a better place.