Bad Man

A year and a half ago I started writing a post about Men. The bad men that you encounter every single day that most of the time you just blank out. They're the men who have never had their minds expanded by being told about the male privilege that they were born with, one that over my life and the last ten years I have been told so much about it and felt pretty bad about things that I have done and constantly subconsciously do all the time.

See, these men don't know that they're doing things that make women uncomfortable. They stand too close to women, skip queues without noticing it, standing in the way of prams and children, parking in parent and child spaces without a single second thought. These men are all over the UK and are of all classes and creeds. The man that spurred the blog post I started was tutting at Connie about Joni being a little rowdy in a pub in St Andrews. He wasn't tutting at me - the dad and the other parent there, but was tutting at Connie, the woman, and then ignored my gaze when I turned round.

Being a father to two daughters now terrifies me, because men are fucking horrible. Of course, #notallmen, but man, men are terrible and have been terrible for years. I look at the women in power in the UK, and see two wildly different styles of politics but two women who have managed to get to the top of their fields. The thing is that there is now a man in charge of the US that feels quite differently to that, and has empowered a lot of the bad men that I dislike. 

In the end the world is a terrible place that needs work. It always needs work. And to get to the places and the types of things that you value you have to wade through shit, and this is my shit - two daughters in a world ruled by Bad Men, and that fucking terrifies me. It always will.

But then again, Etta and Joni are my world. What happens outside that is a long way away. A full three presidential terms away. So there's time to make the world change and be better.