The Yeti Quest Part II: The Criteria

Choosing a car wasn’t easy. Back in 2012 we’d looked at getting a Yeti but with only two years of used cars on the market it was very unlikely that we’d have been able to afford one. They were still getting purchased for high prices, even with a few years on the clock. We have actually ended up with a “62” plate model, from 2012 technically, but actually bought and registered in January 2013. It makes our car just over three years old, a very new model indeed.

The reason was that we really liked it – the look, style and function matched what we wanted back then. It actually would have been too small if we had bought it back then – Frank would end up needing the Passat sized boot for sure, and we definitely need the larger space for Joni and her pram if we want to take Frank anywhere. The Passat swallows Frank, the pram, and suitcases into its boot easily, thanks to its enormous space, but also some pretty wonderful packing techniques from me.

We made originally a decision that we would be getting a small cheap and old car to compliment the Passat, with that moving our scope down towards older and less good cars. The theory was simple; we are going to have to replace the Passat at some point (it is ten years old this year, gulp), so getting a cheap car for running around would mean we could get a bigger and more expensive Passat replacement.

The criteria that we came up with for the new car would be ended up being the deciding factor in the end. The criteria for Connie (and for me) meant that honing in on a car was pretty difficult, leading to the only real non-compromise being the Yeti that we ended up with. The criteria was as follows

-       Good visibility

-       Good safety

-       Raised ride height (or not too low)

-       Large boot

-       Space for Joni’s car seat and a few adults

-       Low boot lip (for Frank)

-       Be Automatic

This lead to a long list of cars that we would later filter down. The ones that didn’t make it beyond the original brief will be touched on, but after we looked at the above requirements the only ones that fitted was the Yeti, the Ford B-Max, the Ford EcoSport, Ford Fusion, Peugeot 2008, Volkswagen Golf SV/Plus and the Fiat Panda 4x4. The Panda was dropped when we realised it wasn’t able to be delivered in Automatic gearbox. 

An early front runner was the Honda Jazz but after Connie sat in one she realised that it was a very slow slung model. That also ruled out a lot of other models that probably could have been in the running. We decided that we’d give the Gold SV/Plus a look, but despite its branding as a small MPV and it having loads of room in the cabin the boot was just disappointing.

We also really wanted a Volvo. Look back at the V50 we really wanted before we got the Passat was considered but that would have the same issues that Con had with the Passat and the new V40 that we like is expensive but also has pretty poor visibility out the back. So, we were unsure we could do it, and ruled it out. One day I will own a Volvo. Just not now. 

This left three Fords and the Yeti in the running, which would be the main contenders. The strategy was simple – can we find a car that isn’t a Yeti to fit our requirements? Or are we going to just end up with the Yeti in the end? Proof by elimination, if you will.

You already know the answer to this. But we gave it a good go – we took to the Skoda and Ford garages and sat in the other models, eliminating them.

Next, let’s talk about them in detail.