The Yeti Quest Part III: The Elimination

The cars we excluded all matched some of our requirements. However, they were eliminated easily once we’d sat in them and saw why we didn’t quite like them (or why compromising on them wouldn’t be right) and once we then sat in a road-ready Yeti. It was essentially always going to be the Yeti, I think. We might (or maybe I) just had to be convinced.

The Ford Fusion

This car is not a looker, though I prefer it to the Ford Fiesta it is based on. The Fusion raises the Fiesta’s ride height and adds a bit more boot space, but it’s a 2001 model that lasted around ten years in the market place. It sold well, despite its lack of flair. This was in the running because it was cheap and had a good spec available. Connie had originally suggested the Fusion as a Passat option back in 2012 not knowing that the photos on Auto Trader gave it a deceptively larger look than the car actually had.

The model is a small car, and Connie thought from photos that it was larger than it was. We never actually sat in a Fusion in the end – we discounted it when we decided to get a newer and safer car. This led us to the Yeti/B-Max/EcoSport options. The big reason we decided the Fusion was a no go was the safety record not being as good as the others we were considering. It was put onto the back burner to see if nothing else would work out.

The Ford B-Max

The Fusion lasted a decade in the market place and sold very well – at least in Cumbria, there are loads of them driving about. Ford replaced it in 2009 with the B-Max, a nifty wee MPV with a couple of cool features – its big sliding doors being the main gimmick. The design of the car is neat and nice and it is smart enough, but it suffers from some glaring issues – this major one being the visibility. Modern cars have these tiny wee A Pillar windows that make them sleeker and more aerodynamic but make seeing out the front of the car harder. My Punto had a real issue with this and almost all major models now have them in some form other another.

The B-Max suffers from this. Also, the width of the B Pillar is heft too to help the fact that technically there isn’t one; with the back door sliding all the way open. It actually makes getting in and out of the back seat when the front door is shut harder than a normal five door Fiesta. The B-Max was, however, our closest run model to the final choice. The biggest issue was the tiny boot – a really high boot lip and low floor making it hard to get the pram in and out, even assuming that it would fit.

The Ford EcoSport 

Ford, for some reason, is trying to suggest that this is actually pronounced the “EchoSport” despite it demonstrably not being spelled that way, so if you’re reading this note that I am calling the EcoSport as in “Eco-friendly”. Take that Ford. The EcoSport had a smart look and a nice size but it really suffer from a few issues – the biggest being visibility. The A pillar windows are absolutely tiny and the rear has a blind spot the size of a small car. The interior suffers like the B-Max from Ford’s weird dash design with small tiny buttons spread across a large plastic V shape, a really strange look.

But it’s the back and rear that killed it for us – the boot door opens outwards rather than upwards, making parking impossible with a pram. We always try to reverse park the car (or I do) and the EcoSport’s door is just pointless. Also pointless – the huge rear wheel. This was added I assume for design but it’s something not even Land Rovers have these days Why Ford added it is a mystery – it can now be taken off a new EcoSport for free.

Looking back I am so glad we didn’t buy these models. Maybe they would have had cheaper tax, or better technology on the inside, but they certainly compromised on areas that the Yeti just didn’t. Now we just needed to find a Yeti that we could afford and liked – and low and behold we did. Nice brown sugar colour, low mileage (like super low) and in good condition. And once we took it for a test drive we all knew, even Joni – this was the car for us.

Next, let’s talk about why I heart the Yeti so hard.