The Problem with Podcasts

As you will be no doubt aware I’ve been running a podcast for a good few years. The podcast started as a radio show that was on Mixcloud and now is a fully-podcasting podcast type thing that appears on my Podcast feed and Mixcloud most Mondays. However, I’ve got a problem. The problem is that my show doesn’t appear in the largest podcast directory, which by extension excludes the show from a few other directories.

 The reason iTunes decided to not host the show was that I started doing podcasting around episode 60 or so, and one of the rules was that I had to have all the episodes on the system. I assume that was why it was blocked –they don't actually tell you, my appeal was declined, and loads of others come up on the system that are similar to my show, so it’s not like it is a common policy. That did kind put my nose out of joint as I understand most folk see podcasts and they think iTunes, but conversely the majority of my listeners it seems listen to it either on Android or through Mixcloud. You’d think that iTunes wouldn’t be an issue then, but when BeyondPod and UK Podcasters will only let me add my show to their directory with an iTunes listening (for some reason) it kind makes a bad thing even worse.

And now Spotify do podcasts. But try to add yours to it – you won’t. They’ve taken the open approach and thrown it out of the window, instead curating “Shows” meaning that only the biggest selling make it into the app. Seems pretty rubbish, to me. Curating is one thing, but exclusion is another. I get why Spotify might not want shows on there that are music based from a business stand point and adding podcasts like 99pi, Kermode and Mayo and Wikishuffle might make a lot of sense because it plugs a voice content gap that Spotify can’t fill on their own, it creates a us and them attitude that rubs me, a content creator, up the wrong way. Plus, Mixcloud, the home of the Monday Graveyard for almost three years (and the Wednesday Graveyard for over four years) suits me the best. If only their app was slightly better.

So there you go. My podcast, with around 300 listeners a week, gets no exposure on the big markets because one company chooses not to list it. It’s a big infuriating, to be honest. You can’t stop me – you can still add non-listened shows to your Podcatchers by using this link under the “add feed” button/link/section. It’s a bit of a kerfuffle, but worth it.