Dreams: The New York Discovery

I have had wierd dreams before and have posted them on the blog a few times. There is this nonsensical one. Then the one about being pregnant. Then...

There is this one.  

 So Connie and I are in a room and we are getting ready to go on a hike. The room is dark and grey, with a single door. The door is opened and we head out into the Sunshine, and it is raining. Pretty hard actually, but as soon as we step out side it instantly stops. 

After we get outside I realise that we are actually under like a long railway line, like a metro. It is above our path as we climbed higher and higher we rise above it, still kinda underground, walking along a dark series of steps. It is getting lighter. There are also loads of other people walking the same route, and it is clear that we are all going to see some sort of tourist attraction. 

As we get to the top a hole appears in the roof of what is now a cave. The hole gets closer and closer and we keep getting glimpses of what is through it, because we finally get to a large flat and white viewing platform, and slowly get to the front. I lean over and there we can see it clearly - it is the doors to Jurassic Park, but we are seeing the top of the arch, with the flaming torches. We are so excited, and it is clear we are very high up, as the clouds are below our feet through the grating. 

We walk away from the viewing platform and head through a door into a cafe area that now overlooks the new York City skyline. After a quick look around we get a table in the middle and order some food. I order a glass of cold spaghetti and con orders a coconut filled with coffee. The waiter brings it over and I glance to the right and at the window, in a raised platform, sitting alone is saleem. 

Saleem notices me and I waved and he ignores me, and starts to get up to leave. I shout "hey!" and he can't ignore that, so I get up and move over. He sighs and looks down before getting his thoughts has together - he looks worried. I say "I didn't know you were here" and then I realise that he has been lying - he doesn't live in Japan! He lives in new York, and works for Starbucks (the restaurant has now turned into a cafe). 

I realise I have accidentally stumbled into something I shouldn't have and immediately want to leave. I look back to connie who realises it is a disaster, and then I apologise to saleem, who is happy when I say I won't tell anyone. We head out to a platform on the outside of the cafe, on the roof looking over new York, and we shake hands. Then I go back inside, grab my coat and head to lift. This is when I wake up.