Top Five Lyrical Choice (1996)

Yesterday I posted choice lyrics from the top five songs in the UK this week. Well, to see if anythings changed, here are the top five singles from 1996, twenty years ago, when I was 10 years old, back on the week of the 6th April 1996. I mean compared to today’s top five back when it was “my” music is almost certainly was better, wasn’t it? Wel… I’m not so sure looking at this list now.

1.     “Firestarter” by The Prodigy

I’m the trouble starter, punking instigator

I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated

I’m a fire starter, twisted fire starter

Twisted, yeah I’m twisted

You’re the fire starter, twisted fire starter

2.     “The X Files (Theme) (Terrestrial Mix)” by Mark Snow

No Lyrics. Hrm.

3.     “Children” by Robert Miles

No lyrics again. Hrm.

4.     “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison

It is

Come on

Oh my God

Here I am

Once Again

Pump up the world

Watch my flow

Here I Go


So I’m back up in the game

Running things to keep my swing

Letting all the people know

That I’m back to run the show

‘Cause what you did, you know, was wrong

And all the nasty things you’ve done

So, baby, listen

While I sing my come-back song

5.     “Give Me A Little More Time” by Gabrielle

You try your best to show me

That you really care

You said, if there were days I was lonely to call you

You'd be there

You tried your best to convince me

That you understand

And if I ever need someone to hold on to

You wanted to be the man

And I knew, it was true

All the feelings that I had inside for you

I cannot deny

Many times I've tried, hoo, hoo


So that’s a strange mix. Basically, today, the music is worse, and the lyrics are worse. Aren’t they? Actually, I’m not so sure. Firestarter was absolutely influential (I got caught by my dad putting LEGO up my nose to loo like Liam Hewlett aged ten). The sound was influential, as was his famous head-throw dance moves that everyone does when this comes on in a club. The Robert Miles track is the epitome of the trance-house post-Ibiza stuff that yer man that is number 1 is talking all about; I mean nothing much has changed. What is interesting is the presence of Gabrielle – what she up to these days? Not that I was ever a real fan. I can’t think of a contemporary version of her – maybe Adele? No, Adele is too big – maybe Emilie Sande? I don’t know.

Either way, surely they can’t be as bad as 1976 right? Right? Well, I’m not going to find out. But maybe… you can?

Maybe if you want to listen along here's a handy playlist.