Mario and Me

It's obvious that I was a SEGA kid growing up. In my Favourite Video Games list, Sonic and his four excellent titles made it to third place, whilst Mario barely scraped into the list as the Mario Party series. I didn't own a GameBoy, nor an NES, SNES, N64 or Gamecube, and would barely be able to remember owning my Wii for it's basically one game I really liked.

That game was Super Mario Galaxy.

I wrote about how I loved it ten years ago in 2007. Even then I was saying it was one of the best games I'd ever played, and it still is. I wish I still had my Wii, as I can only remember the music and the enjoyment I had from whizzing Mario around space, the 3D levels rolling and rotating in surprising and awesome ways. I loved the game, almost every second of it, and I was sad when I lost all faith in the Wii. I never ended up playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, but it was supposedly even better than that game.

"i really hope that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is made, just for more levels, but I have a sinking feeling it might not "
My blog, in 2007, predicting Super Mario Galaxy 2

Prior to Super Mario Galaxy I was a basic bitch when it came to Mario games. I played Super Mario Bros with my friend at his house. I remember playing them, but can I remember anything about them, not really. The first Mario game I remember really enjoying was Super Mario 64, a game that blew my tiny little mind like it did to all 2D platforming games that first played it. It blew everything away and then some. I didn't really get a chance to get to grips with it until it's port to the Nintendo DS, as Super Mario 64DS, which was the reason I got my DS in the first place. I played it to death, and loved every second of it, even if some of the levels and the gameplay has aged pretty poorly.

The DS afforded me another chance to get to know Mario - New Super Mario Bros. was released, a kind of reboot sequel type thing that was a 2D take on the game. It was utterly brilliant too, and once again I realised that in my youth I was Sonic through and through, but maybe I should have been more Mario. His games have aged better than Sonic's has, and he's had a run of games that eclipse even some of the best games that have been made.

I got my Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Connie and I have played it a lot. But tomorrow, after a decade away from Mario games, I'm taking delivery of Super Mario Odyssey, the next big game with Mario, and from the early reaction it's to be expected as one of the greatest games the icon has ever been in, a list that is as crowded as any of the best games series' of all time.

My love of Mario comes from a place where he went from arch nemesis in the 1990s to 2000s and sheer delight. Now, as an adult, I can't wait to be mesmerised by the games again. I don't find "realistic death simulators" like the war games interesting, I'm in it for the fun and gameplay, and the Nintendo Switch is already a great place for that, and hopefully with Odyssey it's going to be the pinnacle I've been waiting my gaming life for.

I can't wait, but I must.