Right at the Last Gasp

For the past ten years and ten months I have blooged at the very least once a month. I have never missed a full months posting, and today marks the 30th day of November, and as such the last day of the month of November in which I can make a post to keep this up.

So here it is.

I have been thinking a lot recently about writing for another project that I have in my head that I am yet to get into the task of working out a proposal. I have known a lot of hurt from posting proclamations ahead of the time before such a project is ready (all you need to do is have a look at my City of Yeardley posts from several years back of a project that I was so into and so exicted for that suddenly just… died). So when this one is ready, you will be sure to hear about it.

In the background life has rumbled on and my thoughts on things have been kicking around. I have posts on the uselessness of roundabouts, television and the future of the media, my Nintendo Switch thoughts and the thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey, and many many more that are all in my head and yet to make it to pixel and cursor. I also have a long promised project known as the Writing for Writing’s Sake archive, that I truly will have ready for early next year (it is taking a lot of leg work, believe me).

I have so much to say and no time to say it. That’s been always the story of this blog, and it will likely continue for as long as the blog continues.