Ten: The Series of Posts Worth Your Attention

"Surely, someone, somewhere will read this and realise, wow, what a sack."
Mark Shields, 4th February 2008.

Back in 2008 I wrote what was probably my first post that was strictly about the blog. I had been writing for a year when I posted My Internet Miscapades, which was an adaptation of a post I'd made on the forebearer to this site, JustAnotherSheeldz.co.uk.

I capped that post about the blog back then with the above phrase, which when I read it back to myself this week, made my laugh with tears. It is sad to say that my past self made my self giggle so much I almost peed a little, but one of the joys about reading my old posts back is the chronicling of things and the writing of opinions that I'd totally forgot about. Perfect examples of these lie in the Holiday posts, including ones about holidays with my ex-girlfriend, to #LadsHolidays with the #boys including stories that I'd totally forgotten about.

It is amazing to think that what was really started on a bit of a whim has lasted this long, becoming the longest single thing I’ve had in my life for years and years, charting so many ups and downs in my life, like a diary, like a time capsule, like a self-built reflection of my younger self. Of course, now at ten, there is no way that I will stop writing, but there have been good times and bad times for the blog, times where posts have came and gone. But I have posted once a month at the very least for every month that the blog has been in existence.

There are a few series of posts that stand out in my mind as ones that any reader of my history should pay attention to, so here they are.

The Tale of Chemical Engineering (Part n of 1)
I started writing these posts, of which there are nine, back in 2007. It was a moment in my life where I suddenly realised that I didn't have to what I'd been aiming for for years. Did I want to be an engineer? The tales since have chronicled my ups and downs, including the change of career, chartership, disillusionment with managers, and many other things. Best place to go is to Part XI of I, and work your way back.

Uncle Frank and...
Getting Frank was a big deal. A huge deal. And over the first year of his life I posted eight posts about his life. They're awesome snapshots of our life with him, before we had kids.

Say Hello to Uncle Frank
Uncle Frank's First Four Weeks
Uncle Frank's First Family Holiday
Uncle Frank and His Harness
Uncle Frank's New Tricks
Uncle Frank's Procedure
Uncle Frank and His Names
Uncle Frank's Life Through a Lens (Part One)

Life Through a Lens series
I started posting photos that I'd taken that also chronicled my life for the first time in 2010 and it grew into three sub-series of posts - the "main" ones, the Pretentious series, and a single Frank instalment that is linked to above. There are five main instalments and three pretentious installments, all worthwhile looking at for a visual element to the blog that has been recently totally absent.

Life Through a Lens Part One
Life Through a Lens Part Two
Life Through a Lens Part Three
Life Through a Lens Part Four
Life Through a Lens Part Five
Life Through a Pretentious Lens Volume I
Life Through a Pretentious Lens Volume II
Life Through a Pretentious Lens Volume III

April 30 Day Music Challenge
When I lived in Texas I took a solid few weeks off and did a huge road trip. That never ended up on the blog, oddly, but what did was a huge planned series of posts - 30 in 30 days, each about music. It was a Facebook thing that people were doing, so I adapted it for the blog. It's an impressive read. Find them all here.

Lyrics That Seem to Make Sense
I have posted lyrics on the blog for years. Ones that I love, and ones that I adore, and ones I identify with. There is too many to list, so here they all are.

In the Middle of the North Sea
When I first started working in Aberdeen I never really thought about going offshore, then in 2008 I found myself there a lot. In the end, I gave me some great material, but also lead me to hate the offshore life, despite it single handedly paying for my student loans.

In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 1 "The Tower and Mr Ocean"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 2 "What Kind of Isolation?"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 3 "The Reprobate Level"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 4 "Virgin Radio/Sleep Becomes Me/Highs and Lows"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 5 "Predictions"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 6 "The Offshore Shuffle"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 7 "The Return"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 8 "Tourism, Would You?"
In the Middle of the North Sea Pt. 9 "A Real, A Fake"

Other notable series:
Statistics on My Music
My Portable Music Devices
My Favourite Computer Games

A Note About Write in for Writing's Sake: I wrote a lot of short stories for Write in for Writing's Sake, firstly for Aaron, and then for Laura, and they were mostly linked to on this site. Since Laura gave up the site, the place has vanished from the internet. One of the 2017 goals is to post every single one of them on this site (for I still have them) under a new main heading called "Writing". It's a big deal, a huge project, and one I'm going to start in March. I hope to have it sorted by the middle of the year. Then, following that, I'm going to post all my old reviews for God is in the TV Zine, and Scottish Fiction, under the same heading.