The Long Absence

As I posted on the 20th March, I have been off work for quite some time with headaches. After tests and medication and trips to the doctors too many to count I am maybe getting it under control. It marks the longest I have been off work in my life for illness, and marks the longest time I have been home continuously since I was laid off after Wood Group.

I didn't want to be off work. I, infact, was just gathering momentum with a new role, one that energised me. Going back now is daunting and a little hard to deal with, what with the headaches still being sore and all, but I do have to do the job I am paid for at somepoint, and I have started slowly from home, catching up.

The biggest strange feeling in all this was the feeling I couldn't do anything. It wasn't a cold I could whisk away with a Lemsip, nor a bought of fatigue that could be magicked away with some rest - this was prolonged and near enough uncurable from my perspective.

The strangest thing is that being at home hasn't been the cake walk you'd imagine - I loved getting extra time with my kids and wife at home and not going to work was a gift, of course, and a nessecity, but also having them around was hard when I was literally screaming with pain at times. It's hard to explain to uyour toddler why you can't play with them when you're home.

In the gap though a few things have came into focus and in time they will end up on these pages; health, life and mindfulness are going to be big changes in the future, and along with Con and the girls (and Frank) we are going to move forward into 2017 with big strides now that the Absence is behind us, hopegfully.