The Undeserved Retaliation

Frank has been a member of our family since July 2012. He is five years old in a month's time and is a key member of the team - Joni loves playing with him and Etta is a big fan of grabbing his whiskers if he sits too close to her Exersaucer. It's fun to see him grow older and in theory wiser, but also we know that in recent months he's been at the bottom of the pile.

Getting him walked hasn't been the easiest, what with Etta's sleeping patterns being like a 26 sided die, and the weather simply being too poor. Plus, getting out for a "big" walk is a big task and only recently is getting easier, thanks to the weather of course, but also a big push from ourselves in the right direction.

This long preamble is to explain that Frank is rarely walked around our local area for any serious length of time. If he's walked, he'll be taken away with the team. Or, it'll be in the daylight with the girls up and along to the school. Nothing major - indeed, in recent weeks his paws have been burned up by the rough stones on our patio, and he hasn't been out as much as before.

So when someone smeared dogshit all over our car and left a threatening note regarding our lack of picking his mess up, it came as a shock.

Connie and find dogshit on the pavements and paths utterly abhorrent. It's a part of owning a dog in the 21st century that is so ingrained I can't believe anyone in their right mind would do it. If Frank even takes a dump 100ft into a forest's trees way from the path I am in pains to go and pick it up. I take bags out with me everywhere. Family members gift us bags monthly, because we use them all the time. To firstly be accused of not doing it is galling enough, but to be threatened is a different story.

I'm not going to post the picture I have of the dogshit. I'll spare you.

The thing that upsets us the most about it isn't the unfounded nature of it - people can be notoriously petty about things like this and the childish thing to do is write a note without any method of recourse. What is upsetting is the targeting of us, the wrong people. What I mean is that this has to be a build up of someone doing something wrong for months on end and finally the person snaps and decides to do something about it, albeit to the wrong people. That's the biggest problem really; we aren't doing anything wrong, and therefore can't enact change, meaning that the person will continue to do it at their leisure and as such, we might get targetting again for nothing having changed. It's a logical flaw that when I spoke to the Police about it they fully understood our concerns.

And the involvement of the Police should really be the end of it. I don't want there to be any further instalments in the shit-campaign.

However I also messaged the Parish Council here where we live. I thought it prudent to let them know there is a bad no-good person doing things like this, and they posted a thing on Facebook explaining what had happened. Rightly, they left out the details of who it was, but also left out the detail that it was a wrongly targeted attack. This, I should have foreseen to be honest. I should have also foreseen the responses.

There have been five comments on the post, not bad engagement and something I'd kill for for the Monday Graveyard.

HOLD ON A MINUTE. I thought you deleted your Facebook?
Yes, quite. Well, there is a large new pipeline going in across the street and I reactivated to have a chat with the Council, who use Facebook as their means of communication.
Fine, i'll let it slide.

The responses were mirthless. One said "next time it'll go through the letter box", which I found amusing considering the Police are involved and I could send that off to them. Another also bemoaned the local area's problems with dogshit (which there is a serious problem, one I despise and constant moan about to Con) and that this escalation was almost warranted.

Another said that the event was "unacceptable" but then said that the offender should have been approached, which I totally agree with. 

the most hilarious thing about those posts is the fact that the community has around 130 houses, and most are families or family linked house holds. Joni and Etta attend the area's children's groups. We know one of the persons who has commented about it. That was bound to happen. 

The Parish have now bought new dog bins and willbe making new inroads into enforcement. Ironically, as the weather gets better we are less likely to now use our local roads. Frank likes hills and water over concrete and tarmac.