An Android Upgrade 3: Part I - The End of the Nexus 6P

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As night follows day, a new phone follows the old one. At present I still have my venerable Nexus 6P but it's days are most certainly numbered. I wish this wasn't the case too - the Nexus is one of the best phones I've ever used, nevermind owned, and I really love every single major aspect of it bar one significant one. So it' a shame to see it go down in fame as easily the mot annoying phone I've ever owned. It is a damn shame to see it's reign as my daily-driver come to a ignomious end, but that's the cut throat world of being my main power device, one on which all Monday Graveyard admin takes place, all photos of my kids are taken on, and the one that keeps me in contact with all my friends across all corners of the world.

And it has came down to the same reason that I got the 6P in the first place - the battery.

I re-read my Nexus 6P review with an eye to do a re-review, which doesn't really need to happen - I love everything about it but the battery - and the last line of one section stood out like a sore thumb.

Time will tell if the Nexus 6P is better than that – surely, it can’t be worse than the HTC…

Well I can confirm that the 6P was indeed worse than the HTC. At least the HTC just drained - the issue I have with the 6P is that it just runs out battery whenever it feels like it. It'll be fnie throughout the day and then, at somepoint, it'll decide, somewhere between 60% and 15% that it has had enough and it just switches off, as if it has ran out. Then when you turn it back on it'll start charging... from the place that it was last at.


This graph is taken from the battery management part of the settings and accurately shows a normal day. That first drop is probably jusy before bed. The lonig flat line is me asleep, and then waking with Etta or Joni. Then, once the hpone is being used for reading the news it just seeps away like sand through your fingers. Then, around 25% it switches off. Then there's a gap and then I start charging - but from above 50% some how. Then it drops off at the usual rate, before dying at around 40% this time. It is immediately put on the charger and then drops as per usual, with my over the night adding it to varius chargers to make sure that it at least keeps power.

I have fast charging which is great, but if you look at the rate of change the fast charging is barely faster than the rate at which it's drops off under normal use. The final little blip had it - seriously - switch off and say it was dead... whilst it was on the power charger. Unreal.

Anyway, that's why the phone is getting tossed. It's done for - useless beyond 12pm in th afternoon - and once, this week, at before 9am.

What is next? Well, we'll just have to see now, won't we?