Back to A&E - A&E 5

I went to A&E again, this time after being a total donkey and falling down the stairs.

I have, after ten X rays, been diagnosed with a scaphoid fracture in the left wrist.

So there really isn’t a funny story this time - just foolishness and pain - so instead, here’s all of the other times I went to A&E.

A&E - This first instance had me catch a ball full in my face and suffer a dislocated jaw. This was not a barrel of laughs.

ER (A&E 2) - My experience of breaking my arm in Texas is chronicled here, and my thoughts on the US health system (a bit).

A&E 3 - After volleying the dog in the face by accident, I suffered a very badly bruised foot and hobbled around on crutches for a while, like a total doofus.

A&E 4 - This one is the most sobering - I spent the first half of 2017 in severe pain, an ended up in A&E after an ambulance ride, the first time in my life that had happened.