The Blog Has Changed

Years ago, when I first started this blog, I used it as a place to chat in detail about my feelings and thoughts on day to day life. Over time, it became more of a political commentary place than a diary, and then when I moved to Houston it returned back to being a diary of sorts, but also a personal place just to write. I used it whenever it was needed to write about stuff.

When Frank came along, and then the girls, it was a place to write about what was happening day to day, as well as a place to espouse my thoughts on things like Brexit, gender, fatherhood, work, and in a wee spurt, Scottish Independence. It also chronicled my move to England a few years back, and also holidays and things I have done with Connie.

The personal aspect became less and less important; more of the "articles" style of stuff became prevalent because sharing stuff online that was personal meant that it was also sharing the life of my family, and that felt gauche.

I have retreated back to that because the blog is something that I love that I have - a chronicle of a life lead for the past decade+1 years, and it is a great place to return back to find old stories and old opinions, like when I changed my mind about Scottish Independence.

Eitherway, this year has been a weird year for the blog. I have only written about computer games and it's half way done, and even then two posts since April is the leanest series of posts I've done on here since it started in 2007. And I don't know if that'll change; I don't know if writing on the blog is as important to me as it once was.

But maybe it should be. Sorry for the meandering post - maybe, in time, this will all make a bit of sense.