The Folly of My Phones: The 2019 Update

Back in the old days, in 2010, I wrote what would go on to be easily my most read blog post. No, it wasn’t some impressive warbling about Scottish Independence (for the record, I was still a No back then), nor was it some terrible tale of my working at Rock Steady - no, it was actually all about my mobile phones I’d owned throughout my short but expensive life.

Posted in May 2010, pre-iPhone 4 announcement, the list was intended to be a catch-all for my phones. The original post can be found here, and it is worth a wee gander.

Why the hell was it the most read, you are probably wondering? Well, when I used to use Google Analytics it was easy to find out that people were coming to my site for the images of the phones - namely, the Samsung Z105 and the Philips Savvy, of all phones. It was pure Search Engine Optimisation without me even knowing what the hell that was back then.

To this day it still appears in the top read posts, almost always found from searches.

I’ve always thought about going back and updating it, but it seemed churlish - I am not going for the clicks. So, to save the effort in case you didn’t click through the link up there, here’s the list.

Oh, and before we go any further - yes, the list is being added to in this very post! Yep, nine and a half years later. Timing.

The Original List - 2000ish to 2010

  1. Philips BT Cellnet Savvy

  2. Nokia 3210

  3. Sharp GX10

  4. Sharp GX10i

  5. Sharp GX20

  6. Nokia 6230

  7. Nokia 6230i

  8. Samsung D500

  9. Samsung D600

  10. Samsung Z105

  11. Nokia N80

  12. Nokia E65

  13. Nokia 6300

  14. Apple iPhone 3G

  15. Apple iPhone 4

  16. Apple iPhone 5

  17. Nexus 4

  18. HTC One (M8)

  19. Nexus 6P

  20. Samsung Galaxy S8

  21. Nokia 3

Note: I used for a while an HTC Desire X during repairs on my Nexus 6P. This is detailed below.

So that makes seven Nokia phones, including my current work horse, the Nokia 3. Four Samsung phones, and three Apple handsets.

Since the Original Post

So yeah, I went from iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 as predicted in that 2010 post (this was when the iPhone 4 was yet to have officially been announced and was only taken from the now infamous Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak. I loved the iPhone 4, and it was replaced pretty obviously by the iPhone 5 in 2012 when it was launched.

But that would end my life with iPhones. The iPhone 5 was a fucking disaster. I went through five of them before giving it up. No one could explain to me what I was doing to them to break them - even the Apple Store people were absolutely stumped. I wrote about leaving the iPhone back when I did it, and it was… well, odd. A move I’d never regret - Android is my jam now.

I went with the mid-range and cheap Nexus 4, which was great. Just before Joni was born I went for the HTC One (M8) model, and wrote all about it here.

When I decided to move on from the HTC to the Nexus 6P, not only did I re-review the HTC One (M8), I wrote about the Nexus 6P at length.

The 6P died, in the end. I wrote the first part of a planned two-part series about upgrading from the Nexus to the Galaxy S8, but never wrote the second part - sorry! But the first part was good.

The Samsung was great, but I smashed it. I decided to move back to cheaper phones, so got a Nokia 3, which is where I am now. Ah well.