It is Always Canada

Since the beginning, Canada always has been our default destination for pretty much any holiday. The reason why this would be the case is obvious - family. We went there when we lived in Texas, when we lived in Aberdeen (at winter) and then most summers have ended up there. since we moved to Glasgow, Cockermouth, and then Glasgow.

When Joni was born in August 2014 we went in the winter, and then the following summer in 2015. The summer after, we skipped it due to Connie being pregnant with Etta, so we went the following summer in 2017. Then we skipped 2018's summer for my sister's wedding, and then we went this summer. In between those times, we have brought Connie’s mom over four times (late 2011, summer of 2014, autumn 2016, and summer 2018) and her father over once (May 2016).

After many years of discussion and planning we finally, this summer, tried out our "perfect" holiday. Canada and Scotland have slightly synced up summer school holidays, which is great as Con's mom works at the local High school and we steal all of her holidays. The plan always been a simple but effective one - take the whole summer off in Canada. As close to seven weeks as possible. Connie would go with the girls for all of it, and I'll take my holidays for several weeks towards the end.

This summer we did it. Thanks to some jiggery pokery with my work, we were able to manage to get such a long holiday away it was astonishing. Joni left nursery on the Friday, had a family fun day on the Saturday, and the following day I took them all to the airport. They then had three weeks without me, with Frank and I home alone, and in that time I started a new job. (Expect another Tale of Chemical Engineering soon).

I then met up with the team, and had four insane weeks on holiday.

It was glorious, and we will likely do it again next year, and pending any other issues, most years after that.