That tiny room at the beach was absolutely the perfect place for my first time. When we came together, I could feel the hairs growing on my chest. I saw my future. I saw my past. For a few minutes it was like being alive. They lived happily ever after. All my questions had been answered. All my fears disappeared. All that was left was a kiss. Every move we made was a kiss.

Sixtyniner by Boards of Canada from the Twoism EP and BoC Maxima.


The day after I had counted down all of your friends 
Down until
There were none, were none, were none, were none
A hummingbird crashed right in front of me and I understood 
All I did for us.
You gave, and gave, and gave, and gave.

Every night I ask myself
Am I giving enough?
Am I giving enough?
Am I giving enough?
Am I?

If you never knew how much, 
If you never felt all of of my love.
I pray now 
You do, you do, you do, you do.

Every night I ask myself
Am I loving enough?
Am I loving enough?
Am I loving enough?
Am I?

Columbia by Local Natives from their album Hummingbird, released in 2013, and one of my favourite albums of the year.


I saw her standin' on her front lawn just twirlin' her baton
Me and her went for a ride sir and ten innocent people died

From the town of Lincoln Nebraska with a sawed-off .410 on my lap
Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path

I can't say that I'm sorry for the things that we done
At least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun

The jury brought in a guilty verdict and the judge he sentenced me to death
Midnight in a prison storeroom with leather straps across my chest

Sheriff when the man pulls that switch sir and snaps my poor neck back
You make sure my pretty baby is sittin' right there on my lap

They declared me unfit to live said into that great void my soul'd be hurled
They wanted to know why I did what I did

Well sir I guess there's just a meanness in this world 

"Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen from the album "Nebraska".

The Gallery of Old Logos Part II: 2011 and 2012

Back in 2010 I decided it would be rather interesting to look back at something that many people probably don't even really notice - the header logo up ^ there. The header was something I liked to play about with, especially in the early days, with styles and colours changing almost every three months. Recently, I have been keeping the template as it is since probably 2009, which means that the general look of the site hasn’t changed much. I have modified the boxes on the right hand side of the page to include various things, but the site’s not had a major facelift in a long time. The headers are the only place where I get to express some artistic stuff on my own. But essentially, it’s also just an excuse to be pretentious, and I am not one to shy away from getting to be pretentious.

The biggest change in recent times has been to the image, which changed two weeks ago to the wintery one that you can see now (or below if you’re reading this in the future – hello!). I spent a lot of time working on them and getting a template right, and I am happy to talk about them now.

If you want to step far bar into time, you can see the other headers in the original Part I of this post by clicking here. It’s well worth a read.

As an aside, I have made more stylistic changes to my blog in recent times, like this and this. I think that’s more meaningful to me now.

Three Photo Series
In August 2011, when returning to the UK, I decided to change the style of the blog. It was probably the most significant change to the blog since the move away from the previous set of photos. I blogged about it here. But now, looking back, I think it was probably the best header series I’ve ever done – partly because, as I said, it was a pictoral “lyric headers” series, but also because it just seems like a really nice way to show off my life through images, and coupled with the text of the blog it feels more me than any before. I actually think that I’d like the revive this series, maybe in the summer of next year – but then you never know where your head will be then. I also added in here some major changes to the right hand side bar – the social link buttons were an inspired idea.

L-R - Aberdeen Beach, Umbrella in Galveston, Galveston beach

L-R - Some intense algebra at work, a high rise near my old flat, and Aberdeen train station

L-R - Bunny rabbits on my walk home in Dyce, my sister's old flat's close, and the River Dee in Aberdeen


L-R - Sunset over Aberdeen airport, Union Street looking west, and Aberdeen Links (with Connie and her Mother)

L-R - Wallpaper in Steven's flat, the view of flats and sunset on my street in Aberdeen, and a chuch on a walk home.

Widescreen Photo Series
I slowly modified what I was trying to do with the headers in the end, and they morphed into one big widescreen photo. The first new one was actually taken from the previous Three Photo. The widescreen photo brought my photography up front and centre and that was something I liked.

This is of a sunset outside my flat in Aberdeen.

This is of Skye, taken from just south of Applecross whilst hiking in April 2012.

This is of the North Sea, taken from Stonehaven beach.

And the current wintery one – taken one night from the window of our flat in Glasgow.

Note: It’s probably surprising that there’s not a picture of Frank yet. Well, if you’re not on Twitter or Instagram (or you don’t follow me), here’s a hashtag for you. 

Life is a Long Time

Your blue eyes are like the deepest and the warmest seas
As the salt elevates my body, they float my heart up past my teeth
And with the water and the Cypriot sun, would your psoriasis bleach and be gone?
Would it fix the pallor of my skin? Would my freckles all meld into one?
Your body above me, sobbing down, my cheeks wet from your tears
They extinguish each of the burning thread veins, flow down to my ears
Now they rest in two tiny reservoirs that overfed the wedded canals

You know it starts pretty rough and ends up even worse,
And what goes on in between, I try to keep it out of my thoughts

And life, life is a long time, too long to my mind, too long by far
Between my waterfalls and your landslides, there's cartography in every scar
Life, life is a long time, too long to my mind, too long by far

Because it starts pretty rough and ends up even worse,
And what goes on in between, I try to keep it out of my thoughts

Life is a Long Time by Los Campesinos! form the album Hello Sadness.

Listen to the album; I recommend it.

Listen to the Math

You've been famous since your birth
And a silent one it was
'til they me told it's a girl
and everybody gasped.

I know how to raise you right
teach you how to read
and your math, yeah, toys, spelling, names, alphabet
and how to be polite.

You've been famous since your birth
And a silent one it was
'til they me told it's a girl
and everybody said.

You and your atlas know it all
let the corners curl
cause if you go by night
you'll hit the coast for sure.

It's a ruse, It's a laugh
Experts, they'd agree
Listen to the math
Rekindle your heart
These hospital machines
Are state of the art

I've put down my middle name
In the back of her book
And signed it just in case
Our walk was over love

Cause I've got one more up my sleeve
Bring it out tonight
Cause if I am the joke
Then you're the punchline

"Listen to the Math" by Tokyo Police Club from their album Elephant Shell.