The Tale of The Coming Weekend Part I

This weekend I am working at two very different stadiums, with two very different teams. On Saturday I shall be in attendance for Heart of Midlothian versus St. Mirren at Tynecastle, which continues my amazing record of working in 5 different stadiums in 5 different shifts for the company. On Sunday I will be working hospitality for Rangers FC versus Falkirk which I expect to be easy in comparison to working outside with the punters; I am normally inside working with Glasgow's greatest and finest in the VIP areas...

I will update my avid readership with the exciting events on Monday.

So, to round out this post, I will let you have a sneak peak at my Dissertation, which is early on at the moment, but should be of interest to those who care.

"...The reason for this to be of alarm is that the picture that has been painted by Ionic Solvents so far is that they are the perfect solvents as they are considered “green” but as has been shown they are quite toxic this particular fish, and further studies are being carried out to find other effects on different fish species. As the solvents become much more of use in industry, they will find their way into water concourses and rivers and this will have some effect on the fish population, the impact of which can only be imagined at this stage."

Daily Mail scaremongering indeed.

In other news: 96 Dorchester Avenue: The Blog will receive it's first post this coming weekend. Oh, the hype!