The Tale of Cruel Cruel Fate

Ah well. Somethings are not meant to be. On friday McWhinnie asked me if I was going to Frank Morton. For the uninitiated, this is a national sporting competition that all the universities that do Chemical Engineering enter. The Uni that won it last year, Manchester, are hosting it this year. It is basically a pish up with some sport thrown it.

McWhinnie said that it was leaving on the Tuesday night, at 2.30am and was back on the Thursday morning. This worked out great, after working at Parkhead I could walk over to the city and head out. I just needed a ticket on the bus.

I quickly texted Duff to see if I could get Immy's number. He is the 3rd year student who is organising it this year. Immy told me that I could come on the nights out buit there was no space on the bus. Gutted.

Come Monday I was resigned to not going. Not really bothered, I was talking to Jonathan wen he let slip that on Tuesday morning he would be at his group meeting alone; the rest of the project would be at Frank Morton. I wondered something; that did not add up. So, I asked McWhinnie again the times. It turned out he was wrong, it left at 2.30am on Tuesday, meaning Monday night, coming back on Wednesday. It became clear that even though I had wanted a ticket to go, I would not be able to after commiting to working on Tuesday night. That's all simply imaterial, as I had no space on the bus.

Now, I sit here, at 11.00pm, wondering why the world plays such cruel tricks on me.

Immy says there is a space on the bus for me. Brilliant.

On a more positive note, Hazel gave me X Files season 5. Ace!