The Tale of the 38th State

A bus. Look at its lovely blue background.

I start to worry when things that I take for granted start to fall apart like some sort of crumbling old building that I standing inside. Recently, my meticulous planning of transportation to get to certain places have been thrown into doubt, and sweat palms have been noted.

On Thursday night I got the bus back to the south for Scouts, and this was the first time I had been on a bus in a very long time. To Steven's annoyance my bus still came before his, so two finger to him I think. And approximately 4 or 5 came after I had left before he had got on his 47.

In fact, I think the last time I was on a bus was The Tale of the Jackson 38...

Anywho, it was all going well until we reach Azy's at the start of Orchard Drive. The driver pulled into the bus stop, and waited a while. I took the headphones out of my ear to see what was about to happen, and my was I surprised. The driver gets out of his cab, turns to the passengers and asks "Do I turn right here or go straight on?"

Skip this section if you live in Giffnock.

This might not be that big a problem, but to understand this you will need to know the intricacies of the 38 services circular route. When it gets to this point, the 38A turns right, and the 38 goes straight on. They pass each other going in opposite directions, and the 38 then come out where the 38A turned, and the 38A come from straight on. Crucially this means that I either walk 1 minute, or 10 minutes down the road.

Stop skipping you upper class bastards.

A few of the passengers say "Straight On" which is wrong! This is a 38A and I'll be damned if these bastards are going to get away with this! I shout out from my seat "If it's a38A it turns right" to which a few people at the front turn round and look at me as if I had just told them that I had killed their dog with my bare hands, which I did not! I used a spade.

Anyway, the driver said "Lets take a vote, who thinks this goes right?" My hand shot up. "Aye, more for going right. Cool, you'll need to give me hand later on too."

Glad to see that buses are a democracy.

On Saturday morning I went into town to get a train from Central to Bridgeton (pronounced Brigton according to Davey) for the Celtic game, and while standing on platform 14, i noticed there is a lot of people walking away from the platform. I read the TV screen.


Train Failure? You mean it broke cause they are all shite? Surely not! Unbelievable...

I had to walk from Central to Parkhead, which is not that hard, but then I have to stand in the cold for five hours, you can colour me unimpressed...