The Tale of 30 Seconds of 30 Seconds to Mars

Me and the Colin had a gig on Friday night, one that we have been looking forward to for a while because we both enjoy the band's music. The band is 30 Seconds to Mars, a alternative rock band that has kinda got lost in the wave of Emo shite that is appearing everywhere with the kids wearing those mental (and rather cool looking) hair cuts. We arrived at 7.50pm or so (the times are important) and headed to the bar to gather some pints. We met Shayan and Evander who had bought tickets separately, but we knew were going to be there.

8.05pm - We Are the Physics
A small Scottish band from Glasgow came on next, and they were brilliant. Probably the best support act I have ever seen, which is something, cause i saw Idlewild support Coldplay and Electric Six supporting Queens of the Stone Age supporting Foo Fighters supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wait, that was a pretty good gig... They were very funny, quirky and looked the part on stage. The music was loud, fast and catchy, and it was nice.

8.40pm - We Are the Physics Leave the stage

9.15pm 30 Seconds to Mars
30 Seconds to Mars started out cliched with a long wait for a large curtain to drop, with atmospheric music being played over the system but really it should have been more tongue in cheek. Once the curtain was dropped they burst into the title track from the debut album. Instantly I notice that the lead singer (Jared Leto, of Fight Club fame) is prancing around the stage, despite not having his microphone with him. He is not singing and he is the singer. He did this for the first few tracks, jumping about like a bit of a douche until he got tired I think, cause he kinda stayed behind the mic after that.

He tried and tried to get the crowd going, starting a circle pit but all the wee hip emo kids were shocked - some physical activity with physical contact - and stayed well clear. It meant a large open circle with a few older guys (of mine and Colins age) to show these little kids what it was and what it meant. I have not pitted since the last time I saw Hell is for Heroes, and that was a long time ago. My theory on this is thus; these kids like the music but don't know how to dance to it other than just dance. Pitting is going apeshit, jumping around, body slamming, going mental, and these kids don't want to, they just like sitting about listening to the songs on the steps outside Borders, looking glum and writing poetry. Also, the music is sort of not heavy enough for the true pitting I am talking about, so I think Jared Leto is a bit silly for spending a lot of time trying to get one going.

10.00pm 30 Seconds to Mars leave the stage.
Yup. 45 mins from the headliners and they leave the stage. One of the shortest gigs I have ever been too. Me and Colin were suitably disappointed, though Shayan said it was great. It was not. The did not even play all the songs from their only album. Very, very disappointing. If you are wanting to come back Mr Leto, you will have to put in a lot more effort.

Also, Glasgow knows it is one the best places for artists to come to, so many bands say so. No need to keep saying "Glasgow you are fucking insane".

Note: I thought for ages about making this a serious "Music" post like the Idlewild one, but it turned into a bit of a rant, so I changed it. Fucking Emo kids, listen to Slipknot and System of a Down.