The Tale of Rock Steady 5: The Glasgow High Life and The Bank Rant

Semi (titter) finals are the final stages that normally a team can get to without having to meet one of the Old Firm. This year however, rather refreshingly the two old firm teams have been pretty rubbish in cup competitions, and Rangers failed to get to the semi final of the Tennents Scottish Cup, the game that I was in attendance for on Sunday. I should have been at the one on Saturday for the Celtic vs St Johnstone game, but due to initially Pam and Sarah's 21st Millport thing, but then for my Grandad and Gran's 75th birthdays, I had to miss them. Shock horror.

I turned up at 10.30am prompt, and was ushered into the Media Room to get briefed. After 1 hour of standing about doing nowt, we were told that yesterday went off without a hitch, and it was excellent. More today please we were told.

The Millennium Suite is the largest and most posh part of the hospitality at Hampden, where it leads straight onto the Royal Box, and the Important People Chairs. It was mostly unexciting due to the fact that there were only two famous people, Alex McLeish and Gareth Southgate, that I cared about. Both spoke to me, or at least talked at me. I will most likely be in that area for the Uefa Cup Final, which will be exciting as last time (the Champions League Final) the Beckhams were there, the King of Spain and other dignitaries were there. The fact that 3/4 of the teams in the Uefa Cup still are Spanish means that the King will probably be there again, along with Michael Platini (Uefa President) and Blatter (FIFA president), along with some proper footballing royalty like Sir Alex Ferguson and others (I was told a few of the people who have been invited).

So, I have updated you on Rock Steady, I think it is time for a rant about something. Something really annoying, and morally wrong.


It takes, apparently, 3 working days for money to electronically transfer between two nonexistent places, where if I was to take the actual cash out, travel around the fucking world and then give it to the person, it would take less time! Also, note "working" days, aka not weekends. I did not know computers only worked week days. They must have to go to the shops to buy chips and bytes to eat. Ha, a pun.

It does not stop there, the fucking bastards have the cheek to hinder access to my account about some security problems, meaning no cash for me, offering me no explanation what so ever.

Seriously how do bankers sleep at night. Wait, they don't, the blood sucking vampire slutty bastards.

More ranting will come later...