Godspeed You! Black Emperor

I have fallen in love with some of the most depressing but beautiful music that I have heard. They are called Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and there is a full Discography (with annoyingly tagged songs) on the major torrent sites. I suggest you get them all.

What do they sound like? Well, very apocalyptic, with no singing, expert musicianship and a genuine atmosphere created by the crashing of drums and guitars and strings. I suggest you download the following three tracks;
Storm (Full Track)
An incredible piece of music, the track that gave me chills and got me totally hooked on the artist. Craig Bayne must take full responsibility for this, as it was his MySpace thrusting of the song into my mind that caused the epiphany, and it is a glorious piece of music, split into four sections. Brilliant.
Dead Flag Blues
One of the more morbid tracks, the text is very bleak, but has some startling lines. "The sewers are muddied with a thousand lonely suicides" is pretty bleak, but the music is incredibly uplifting.
Moya (Full Track)
Recently, Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada is the album I have been addicted to, and this is the opening piece from it. It is followed by a longer, more unusual piece, but this one is more immediate.
Other sterling tracks that are available are East Hastings, which features heavily in 28 Days Later, and Static.

The tracks are long, with Storm clocking in at 28mins, but I implore you to investigate them.