The Tale of the Final Exams (Part I of III)

In one hour I will be in exam. The excitement and enthusiasm is building inside of me. I can recite the whole process on how to design a McCabe-Thiele diagram, which allows you to work out the stages required in a Distillation/Absorption/Direct Contact column. I also can recite the whole mathematical analysis of a multi stage continuous and parallel feed evaporator. I can work out the mass transfer in an Equimolar Counterdiffusion and in a Unimolecular/Stagnant B system, and can also work out the HTU and NTU system for absorbers.

I cannot work out batch distillation, one of the things I have sacrificed for the greater good. I known the theory, and understand the concepts, but the actuality of calculation escapes my intellect.

I am also, rather annoyingly, dying of hunger.