The Tale of Rock Steady 7: The Rip Off Firm

My last post was met with positive and negative criticism, which I take on board. It allowed a few conversations to take place with certain parties, and it has gotten a lot of my feelings and thoughts about the last four years. It was almost as if for a while I was in therapy, the wonders of the Internets never cease to amaze.

As promised, there would not be a serious post again, at least until a silly and humourous post was blogged. I don't know if "Blog" is suited to be used as a verb, but I think it might be going the way of "text", "Google" and even recently "Bebo", which I know will annoy as many people as it will please. I will try t use these new words sparingly.

This Saturday I was required to appear at Ibrox at 9am for the last Old Firm match of the year, between (if I need to tell you) Rangers and Celtic. My allegiance at these games is decidedly in the Celtic camp, with a family of Celtic supporters, but I don't get too bothered about the whole thing. In fact, I think it is just another game, and I know some other Glaswegians take it very seriously. The only shimmer of hope that would save me from this horrible day, and make it worthwhile would be being assigned to the Red Zone (which I have blogged (I can't help my self) previously). Luckily, I was assigned there for the first half. I was required to stand outside the Celtic dressing room, keeping tabs on the people milling around the area. Understandably the Red List was tighter than in previous games. I was also for a short period of time outside the Rangers dressing room too. The only moment of note was the team sheet that was handed to me by Gordon Strachan (for the initiated, he is the manager of Celtic).

I was then placed into Bar72, a bar that allows people to have a drink and then go and watch the game. Herein lies my rant.

To buy a season ticket for this area, it costs £979 a year, which, with on average 22 home games a season, works out at £44.50 a game. What does this greatly increased price give you? Free pies? Free drink? Nice seats?

No. It gives you the ability to come into a pub and pay £2.80 a pint, £2.50 a pie, and after the game have the chance to pay £4.00-7.00 for substandard fast food, which, elsewhere would cost you very little, and even then you would be hard pushed to pay little over £2 for some of the gloop they offer up.

Why not go to a local pub, near to the stadium, and pay £2 a pint (for anything, not limited to shitty Carling), go and have a hot dog at a stand and head to the chippy after the game? This will not only be better for you with the exercise actually moving from place to place, it will also save you a whopping £400 a year on season tickets! And this area is not even proper hospitality, but everyone just piles on, there are few seats, and team colours are allowed. It is basically a license to print money, ad the Rangers supporters seem to love it!

I have came to the conclusion that anyone who buys these types of tickets must be mentally insane, don't get me even started on the fact they are Rangers fans.

Oh yeah, I saw Spider-man 3. It is brilliant, though why is Sandman in it? No idea.