The Tale of (Rock Steady 9: UEFA'd Enough?) PolitiX

The UEFA Cup Final, has been hailed by many as a great spectacle, where the eyes of Spain were focused on a small part of Glasgow for period of time similar to 90 minutes, but which became over 130minutes. And I was there. I always expected this to be a large blog post about the fantastic and brilliant night, but really it was just work. I met some real famous people, and saw some fantastically beautiful models who were walking about, but overall it was pretty underwhelming. In fact, it was rather disappointing. I worked from 2pm to close to 1am, standing, not eating, and generally getting less and less excited to be there, and more and more wishing that I was asleep, or at the very least, in a pants playing Football Manager. Ironically enough, I have just got West Ham to the Semi Finals of the UEFA Cup.

This post will concentrate on what I think I can do the most justice, and this is my ranting about something that has rather got me all hot and bothered.

Gordon Brown.

The new leader of the Labour party has been announced, and as he had no competition, he, by default, becomes the new leader and the new Prime Minister. I have heard many things that have really annoyed me about this, and I feel compelled to make another long winded post about my opinions on such a turn of events.

The first position I heard that was incredible was that the Liberal Democrats of Britain were asking for the Queen to announce a General Election, to elect a government. Now, I could understand that if the Labour party it self is finishing, but it is just the leader. We do not elect a leader, we elect a member of parliament that represents our local area in parliament, and this is for lobbying and bringing attention to local issues, and to vote on parliamentary decisions on our behalf. We did not elect Tony Blair, he was elected by the very people we elect our selves.

I am annoyed at the Liberal Democrats for saying this, when they know this to be entirely incorrect, and the method of which this has transpired is exactly how it should be.

My example for this argument is when Michael Howard stepped down, and David Cameron became the leader of the official opposition. He is the man closet to the government, and in the best position to block any movement in government by the Labour government by way of a parliamentary vote. If he can be elected to represent, as a leader, all those who disagree with the Labour rule, by those who are his peers, why does Gordon Brown not get the same treatment? Those who we entrust with the power of policy should have our trust in choosing the correct man.

Another problem is that some say Labour should have to be elected into power again. This is not a Republic, where we elect a leader, and a single party to rule. Our government is supposed to be the best suited for our country, and I think it does the job perfectly well, and better in some respects than other, certain unmentioned, countries that have a more single power weighting that others. Our system requires a democratic vote throughout a government filled with opposing members, and the more parties involved in that process the better. By announcing an election after Tony Blair stands down, gives the appearance of a leader based country, with little respect for all the other MPs that have worked hard to get their voice for their constituency.

I am an admirer of Tony Blair for his achievements as a Prime Minister. He has made our country more wealthy, has spent more money on health and education (at least in the south), gave Scotland it's Parliament, guided the country through rather interesting world developments, such as The World Trade Center Attacks, and the July Tube Bombings, and managed to create, then restore, the Northern Ireland Assembly. In 10 years, there has been a lot of change, but his rule will be forever marred by the Iraq war. He may have made a judgement error, but it is done now, and we need to see it through.

I think that Gordon Brown could be a great leader, and should be treated as his own man, which I am sure he will be. Guilty by association is very single minded.

At least, we will have a Scottish Prime Minister. Or one who is seen to be from Scotland, not like Mr Blair...