The Holiday 1: Sun, The Immortal Nemesis of the Scot.

Manz of the readers of mz blog, which I am sure there are manz, will notice, and will simulataneouslz be shocked to find out, that I am indeed still on holidaz. I am writing this from inside our hotel, which is on the island of Sv Nikola, just of the coast of Croatia (Hrvatska), 2 minutes from the port of Poreć. The reason whz I am posting is that;

It is roasting outside. I have decided to shelter indoors for the moment, whilst mz sun loving companion laps it up, burning the cancerous UV razs straight into her skin. I was burned on the first daz, after having mz Tshirt off for no more that 20 minutes.

The internet cafe is free. Our brochure stated that, for a small fee, the internet was available, so natruallz I waited till late on to ask about it, onlz to find that it was free. Unfortunatlez, the PC has a rather interesting kezboard, of which the Z and the Y kezs have been swapped around, so I have, for the sake of noveltz, decided to ignore this rather annozing, but totallz anglicised feature of the kezboard.

I have just finished reading Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion", a rather incredible read. I was put onto the case bz mz friends Derek and Andrew, who will I am sure, gain a buyy from reading their names in this world famnous and read bz millions work of fantastic literature. We were discussing religion and other beliefs, and were trulz surprised bz mz Agostic belief about the Universe. Orignallz, I was admittadlz confused, surprised bz the wonder of the universe but a little in worrz of the implication of the whole thing. Mz agnotisicsm, which I thought was the perfect alleviation to this problem, was the onlz real ideal for the universe to be seen.

I was verz much wrong.

I think, after reading twice, I am now a full atheist. Mz argument, which I based on improbabilitz was complotelz blown out of the water, and rightlz so. Mz desit logic stated that for such a thing as improbable such as the origin of life to have happened, there must have been some sort of catalzst, a "creator". Mz improbablitz was not going as far to saz, and logicallz, is the probbablitz of such an event so high, that if there was to be an eventual creator, his mere existence is more improbable than it just hapopneing on its own? This argument, along with others such as the removal of chance in the evolutionarz theorz, and thez debunking of the whole Christian faith, has amayed even me.

Those who I know, the majoritz are unreligious, and should read this. Those, the minoritz, who are religious, should also read it, and give me a proper argument for the existence of God. If zou can after reading it, I will be verz impressed to hear from zou.

More will follow, including, not exclusivlez;
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