The Tale of The Quest for Familiar Surroundings in a Strange Place

Scotland can sometimes be a greatly boring place, one of a rather insipid effect that shows that we as a nation have been hangers on for the last few hundred years, to the great English machine. Similarly, the English have had the fortune of the Union that Scotland's oil made Britain bloody rich, and staved of dependency on other nations for a few decades. But other times Scotland can sometimes take your breath away, and it is these moments than are the reason why I think I prefer it to any other country I have been to. Albeit a small list, but you get my point.

In the north of Scotland there are true wastelands, deserts, area devoid of significant human impact and with very little messing up of the surrounding area and pollution. I have been to many places where sitting outside, the only noise you can hear is the sound of the world ticking along, getting it done, producing the very things that have so improbably created life as it is here.

If you have never left the city, and looked at the sky unpolluted, listened to the world without car noises, or drank from a pure free flowing river rather than the tap, I put it to you that you have missed what a wonderful thing this country can offer.

I was in Peebles on Sunday and met a man who told me all about the old railways, the bridges, and some history that he was immensely proud to be telling me, and probably very happy for me to be listening intently. It is a very traditional town, which caused me problems. I was looking for a sandwich, and did not know where to go because I could not find a Tesco or Morrison's to purchase one from. Not even a Londis or a Newsbox. I gave up, and drove 18miles along the road to Galashiels, because I knew there was a Tesco there, and found a Currys, Matalan, Sainsbury's, McDonalds, and a Co-Op. It was like a big retail park in the middle of nowhere. Why did I have such a hard time finding a place to get something to eat? I think it because of my dependency of brands. My need for something familiar is the reason I think for the small corner shops, the independent brands, the small traders are all but vanishing. They don't have the familiarity of the advertised, famous brands that I am so used to seeing on the main streets in Glasgow, and in surrounding areas.

There was a Greggs in Peebles. However, much to my disappointment it was shut. Sunday trading for the win.

On an unrelated topic, I have been telling anyone who would listen how incredible Heroes is. It is a TV series very similar to X-Men, but has a resounding freshness to it that I cannot put my finger on. Using this website ( I watched every episode over 3 days, at HD quality. If you have a few hours to spare, become addicted, so I can talk to some about it.

Just realised that The Tales of Rock Steady might have finished, unceremoniously. I don't have anymore shifts, other than my projected work at Velvet Revolver and T in the Park. Tis a sad moment.