The Tale of the Life of an Engineer

Aberdeen is where I am, not right now, but at least that is my semi regular address. I started work last week with Wood Group North Sea, a large engineering from who deal with the large scale work offshore, either in the North Sea, Moscow, Papa New Guinea and Nigeria, plus some other ares such as the UAE, Arab League, and Algeria.

I have been placed into the Process department, and have placed onto a rather legendary project; the Forties Field. This is the original BP pipeline area and rigs that gave Britain it's backbone in Oil and Gas, and basically gave hundreds of people a reason to live in Aberdeen. There are five rigs, Forties Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo, with a sixth, Unity, being a junction box for three other rigs that use the Forties Pipeline system, the Buchan, Alba and Montrose, as well as some connection to the Elgin field. The project is as much as upgrading some of the import lines from the other four rigs to the largest, Charlie, and then onto the system.

Well, as you see, it is not really that exciting, so my blogs might tame a bit, without the Rock Steady to float them higher. Also, until I get Internet access in my B&B or flat, it will be tapered to only being on a weekend, as I don't think I would get away with it just yet from inside Wood Group.

The highlight of the week though was the team building, where we had to abseil, defuse a bomb, build a raft and then jump 20ft off a bridge into the river Dee. Much fun was had by all, and I mean that whole heartedly. It was actual good fun.

More soon, I hope.