The Tale of the Red Eyes.

Do you ever get such a thing as Bloggers Block? Can you call a blogger writer? Do I have writers block?


I am simply struggling to write this post. So I went to Alton Towers, it was Hyders first time there. He was as excitied as a child when we arrived, and stayed excited all the way till we started to leave, where he became so lethargic, a sloth would have called him lazy.

On the way back (I had driven all the way, though in fairness Colin did it last year) we got caught up in a massive car accident, with bits of car all over the road. The freakiest part of this was the whole carriageway was closed, and we were trying to economical on the petrol, so we turned off the engine. So did everyone else. It was the wierdest feling, sitting, stationary on the motorway, with the red glow of the brakes lights of the car in front shining on our pretty faces. I went outside to walk about, the first time I have walked on a rumble strip, and even walked on a motorway. Colin and Saleem went for a wander, and Hyder put his feet out the window.

It was so surreal, and rather worrying. We had planned to be back by 11.30, jokes circulated when we got lost in Stoke that itwould be close to 4am, and I got to bed at 2.30am, Saturday morning, after waking up 8am Thursday Morning...

I was very tired.

It was a great day.

Authors Note: This might be my worst blog. I am aware of the fact. I will try harder when I am not so badly affected by BloggersBlock.