Revamped and Retuned - New!

...but not improved.

A new flat, a new job, a new city, a new car… the last few weeks have been some of the most turbulent in my life so far, with a new everything within a few weeks. So, I have decided to lay to rest this blog as it is. A new blog? Not as such, but a more structured system of bollocks.

The Tales of Rock Steady were some of my most loved posts on this blog, and I have to admit almost every time I wrote it I had a big grin on my face – it was so much fun talking about the cretins that used to work along side me. To this end, I am now proud to introduce the new “Tales of Wood Group”, which will detail snippets of love, joy, hate and humour from the walls of this office that might be my home for a good while.

96 Dorchester Avenue was the blog that started it all off, and died once Rock Steady became the focus. With that in mind, I would like to introduce “27 Raeburn Place” as the new postings about life in the flat and my troubles with utilities in general. Without Hyder, however, I might struggle for headlines.

Other rants about unrelated objects and subjects shall be dealt within “Insanity Crash”, a new part of the blog that will herald a return to banter such as the trip to Peebles, the holiday and such. It shall be brilliant, as I always am.

Music, Films and TV shall be sectioned off into “Muchness Dump”, but more about this will be told in due course.

So with this change, comes a new look, and hopefully a more structured outlook, and onward we head into the future. I am currently looking at a new blog, one which will be a collaboration of things with another mutual blogger, and these plans will hopefully become clearer in coming month.

The Crashing Sound of Insanity – Season Two” I shall call it and it shall be good. I intend to have at least one posting a week from each section, as that might work.