Insanity Crash: The Boy Racer What Drives A Truck

The Boy Racer What Drives a Truck
Driving up to Aberdeen is like sitting on a train for the most of the time. The only moments of excitement are the roundabouts in Dundee, because the length of the road is basically motorway grade. Apart from the few, and infrequent, junctions that cause cars to scream across the dangerous road at arse clenching audacity, the road is safe, easy to drive, and relatively free of speed limits.

What I mean is there are sections with speed cameras. Basically, from Glasgow to Perth there a very few cameras, except for two just after Auchterarder. Then, from Perth to Dundee there are none, so speed is not a worry here either, but from Dundee to Aberdeen there are about 11, which is insane! The road is 70mph, and that speed limit is way too low for motorways and other dual carriageways, due to the fact that since the inception of the limit, cars have became much safer, much fast, and drivers are (supposed to be) better.

But this is not about speed limits, as that topic is well done and dusted every time a speed limit is reduced, or a new safety cash machine is planted.

This is about lorry drivers. Specifically lorry drivers who forget they are driving lorries. When coming to the Claverhouse roundabout, which is the only left turn I have to do from Perth to Aberdeen, you get a queue of traffic at the moment as Morrisions are building a new superstore, and the road is a bit mental. Throw into that the double roundabout that should be only one, and the junction is a joke that none gets, and isn’t even funny. But, I was overtaken by a full articulated lorry whilst I was waiting at the junction in the queue, and thought “he must be going straight on”.

No! He surprised everyone by going all the way around the roundabout, and then into the left turn I was waiting for. A 450degree turn, which I had never logically considered in all my time of driving, but in a truck! The audacity!

I quickly caught up with the truck (not pursuing him, but that hill afterwards kills the acceleration) and he pulls out, in front me, and overtakes a bus, another truck, and then squeezes back in, slamming on his brakes, in a manoeuvre I call the “bastard overtake”. It is dangerous even when in a car, but a massive 30ft long truck? Plain insanity.

I tried looking for the “How am I driving?” sticker, but didn’t see one. It probably said:

“How am I driving? Call this number if he is still on the road”