Insanity Crash: Dida, a fool amongst fools.

A good blog post is like a fine wine. Very few people can fully appreciate it, but almost all profuse its various plus points, and exclaim their expertise which otherwise would have been kept quietly to themselves.

I have decided to not instantly follow up the previous post with a sequel, but to leave it hanging, as the success of it shall be greater amplified.

Last night I could not watch the Celtic AC Milan game, but was listening to it after I heard that it was 1-1, after Celtic scoring first, much to my amazement. When the second goal went in the pub that rests just below my flat jumped into my living room, with men singing and shouting, vbut suddenly it all went quiet, and I started to hear Five Live again...

"...nd Dida, who is now on the ground, appears to have been struck in the face by a fan who ran onto the pitch. No this is serious, as the medical team are rushing, lets have a look at it again. What do you think?"
"Ah well, you see him running on... and... oh, there is little contact!"
"Yes, it looks like it wasn't much of an attack"
"I wouldn't even call it that, but there will be added time, more added time now"
"Look, there is a stretcher coming on, that is just plain simulation!"
"It seems as though Dida will be coming off, replaced by the substitue keeper, and for what, on the face of it looks like a slap, he is getting taken off..."

Now, I hate this fan. When he is found, the support and the SFA will vilify him so much, he might not get to see another football match in his lifetime. A massive fin for celtic, and the posibility of games behind some closed doors is permissive, but most interestingly the reaction Dida had and the stance UEFA will have to take. It is obvious that the strike from the fan was much less than Dida acted it out to be, but what if he had had a knife? Or a gun? Or a sword?

Perspective is needed, and I await the results of the hearing, but anything more than failure to keep a crowd under control is what Celtic should face, as the fan was neither agressive, nor actual harmful, and the actions of Dida were definetly out of order.

And I had him in my fantasy team too. Poor show.

Imagine waking up this morning as that guy...

"Morning Dave"
"Ah, mornin Tam..."
"Last night wis fucking mental, wint it?"
"Eh, aye, it wis, ... eh"
"You hear about this fucking wee cunt that slapped Dida?"
"... umm..."
"Fuck sake, what a total dick. I mean, who'd dae sumthin like that?"
"Fucking bawbag, hope they lock the cunt up and throw away the key."
"Did we leave early or sumthin? I can't remeber the goal, I think I wis well gashed."
"...You were the guy who slapped Dida. It wis you, ya silly prick."
"...Oh shite."