Insanity Crash: The Lure of Celebrity

Woman With An Opinion sometimes creates some of the most inflammatory posts of any blog where I personally know the writer, which I know is a small list, but still is an accolade that not many people who can give out, never mind receive. So, I think that shows something. For those who have not read her blog, the link is (and has always been) on the right hand side of this page. A recent post (yesterday, I think) caused myself to return to a topic that I touched around whilst looking for something to write a few months back, but chickened out as my rant had became a mess, without structure.

Not this time.

I come into contact with a few women’s magazines that truly set myself apart from some of my other male brothers. This is due to the fact that I try to read these pieces of literature, without prejudice and without assumptions on the content. Favourites of mine are Look, Reveal and Heat, which are all culprits in the massive swindle that is befalling almost every single member of this society today. What is it? It is the Lure of Celebrity.

We are fixated by the doings and wrong doings of the people who, through sometimes no other way than just being on the telly for a few weeks, have became “household” names. What is a household name? When I say to someone in my house, “Have you heard of Ziggy” very few people will know who I mean, and one might assume I am talking about David Bowie (which would make for very interesting Big Brother). The thing is, he is regarded as a household name, and his reason for this status? He was on the telly.

Mostly, I read these with mild disgust, and complete contempt for those who buy (and buy into) this sort of trash, but recently, the problems have filtered through into the mainstream media.

A few months ago, Kate Moss was dating Pete Doherty. I have no idea whether they are still going out, and I have no desire to ever find out, but these magazines were taking it in turns each week to proclaim that the romance “WAS OFF!”, whilst the next week saying that “IT IS BACK ON!”, and so forth. The madness that lies therein is that not all of the magazines can be right, and normally, even when both stories are completely the opposite, they are still wrong.

The reason for the facts appearing in these magazines are from “inside sources” which are normally someone who says they know the couple/person/animal and have a good idea of what is going on. In the real media, where politics and crimes are committed, true sources can be gotten to, and can really give serious details about stories that might otherwise be kept rather well hidden from sight, and probably kept totally secret, and the difference here is the hearing about the latest policies from a governing party before they are announced is sometimes rather good journalism, but hearing about who is shagging who is totally worthless, and adds nothing to anyone’s day.

In the tabloids, these “sources” probably get paid a fortune. Bouncers at clubs doors phone news papers to let them know who is that night, so someone can be there to get a “shock” photo of them leaving at 4am half cut. That’s what everyone does, and you would look much worse than say Orlando Bloom gashed on a Saturday night.

The problem has appeared much more in the news in last few months with the disappearance of Madeline McCann, and the procedures that the Portuguese police have to take in accordance with their legal system means that very little, if any, information is released, meaning that in order to keep a story alive, and to sell the papers needed, “sources close to the family” are used as darts, to try and score hyperbolae and presumption upon. These people, who feast of this type of journalism, are horribly deluded.

Anyone who actively cares and wants to know about the latest celebrities and what they are doing, wearing, and shagging, are probably in need of help, and in this society it can only get worse. The more magazines there are, the more people who will buy them, and the more lives will get swallowed up in the massive mess that is “journalism” these days. I suggest that a lifestyle magazine comes out with proper articles about beneficial theories and actual commentary.

I think I might have found it. It is called the internet, and you are the editor. I suppose it is all about choice, and those who choose to read such trash choose their education.

Don’t get me started on “Nuts” and “Zoo”, as they are much worse at it than the woman’s magazine, but for much worse reasons, and I think Woman With an Opinion might agree with me there.