Muchness Dump: 2007; Thus Far (Films)

An apology first: I would like sincerely apologise to all my readers who expected a scintillating article yesterday about films. I currently have to use the internet access at work, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I actually had to do some work yesterday. As such, I could not fulfil my promise, and I have been ashamed and embarrassed.

Onto less indulgent themes, I started it on Monday, and will finish it today:

Film of the Year: Disappointment

I might get slated for this, but Spider-man 3 was the most disappointing film of the year so far. The story was a mess, the CG was relied upon too heavily, and the characters did not get enough screen time. My main problem with the story is the overall shocking display Venom got. He should have had his own film, instead he was reduced to merely a bit role in a rather exciting action movie, which was introduced far too late, and used far too little. To be honest, the effects were spectacular, but the story failed for it.

And why have Sandman too? He was treated pretty poorly, and kinda took most of the focus from Green Goblin II, a much more interesting relationship between Harry and Peter. But who am I kidding? What did we expect? The Spider-man series is having the same problems the Bond series has always had – the next instalment needs MORE, and MORE is not always enough, because MORE is normally followed by MONEY, to make the phrase MORE MONEY, which means less actual humans, and more bendy Spider-man stunts and massive sandman-esque monsters. I wanted to see Venom and Spider-man have a showdown like the Subway chase from number 2, but the removal of actual stunts from the movie, and replaced by CGI, was a tad unfortunate.

Film of the Year: Best

I am tempted to say Transformers, simply because of the stunning CGI and the amazing feat, but that would contradict almost everything I have just said, so I won’t. (It is Transformers.)