Muchness Dump: In Rainbows - Review

A curse disguised as a blessing, and I think I understand the problems that creating such an incredible piece of music can leave you with. During my time at secondary school, I was not into the most in vogue music, taking a large slice of the Nu-Metal era, listening to music such as Linkin Park, Papa Roach, and others, missing out on some of the wonderful artists who create actual pieces of music, not songs, like God Speed! And Bjork. I am trying to sort that out, with listening to new, uncommercial music, but it annoys me that I missed a chance to see these artists play the albums I am learning right not, and mostly, it annoys me that now, some people are embarrassed to even mention Linkin Park. I see it as the learning curve that we all start on, and I am reaching the plateau where my musical tastes for life will level out on. Blues, through my father, has been ingrained into my head for a while, so think Allman Brothers, Robert Johnson, BB King and others are my next conquest, and I look forward to listening to them, once I get internet back in a place that I can used it properly.

During these halcyon years, there was one band I was reluctant to get involved with, due to the things it would say about me. A friend, whose brother was much older than himself and I, was going through university at a blistering pace, and the fall out from this was his untutored musical imagination, giving him tastes for music that we had not even heard of, never mind heard. This band is called Radiohead, and I tried for years to miss them.

It will come as a surprise to many how I found them, and how I could not ignore them, and I feel that it might be a good place to start a review of their latest album, "In Rainbows". I was watching MTV2 at lunch time, on one of the few lunch breaks I had on my own. On came a song that I had not heard; it had a unique time signature, languishing piano, and a wailing vocal like none I had heard before. The title came up, and it was called "Pyramid Song" by a band called Radiohead. I was caught, and Thom Yorke had me gripped.

In the same way I was disappointed by Idlewild's Warnings Promises because of the order I discovered Idlewild, the more recent Radiohead albums, such as Amnesiac and Kid A were discovered first, before getting a copy off Steven of the more applauded OK Computer, and The Bends. These are much more solid, and rockier albums, and of course I agree with the obvious success and greatness that these come with, but I still have a feeling that Radiohead are more and experimental rock band, other than a traditional 4/4 band.

But, others disagree, and these people will not enjoy In Rainbows as much. It is still different, but more akin to OK Computer than anyone of the records released since then, but some o the music is beautiful. Tracks like All I Need are different, and more consistent than any other track seen from them in a while.

I suggest, seeing as you can get it for nothing, you pick it up, and listen to it a few times. I am on my 5th listen, and some tracks are beginning to reveal themselves to me.

In other news, I made my first proper mistake at work today, but nothing that I can’t explain by the simple “I didn’t know” reason/excuse, because “I did not know”. Ah well, still learning.