Muchness Dump: Radiohead's "In Rainbows". My Idea?

If you have been paying attention to the world recently, you will have noticed Radiohead have released thier first album online, after announcing it so 10 days ago, and you, the listener, can choose how much to pay for it. I paid nothing, and now hearing it, I am inclined to pay them some money, as it bloody brilliant. But, hey ho, what's this...?

"Though, this creates a few problems with the industry. Firstly, how will anyone make any money from the albums that they make? Surely, if we all downloaded every track from every artist for free, then they would be broke. Not entirely... for example, if I was in a famous band, I would notice the downloading nature of the fans... and stop making traditional albums, preferring to release my tracks and collections of new material when ever I make them for free from my website. Then, if successful, through Myspace/Youtube/Facebook etc I would arrange online streaming gigs, to build up feelings for live concerts, all still free. Then, I would actually go on tour, charging for people to see me live, and this is where the money should be made back from tickets, merchandise, and the exclusive recordings that you can buy at the gigs, each gig getting a unique one that will not be available at any other gig. The economics removes the need for a record label, and the self promotion, whilst it might be shameless, is well executed."

My dear, I think I might have predicted the future. Interestingly, I do think this is the way forward, and the industry has to change. Youtube is free, Myspace is free, music is (illegally) free, why not make it legally free? What is the difference?

At a rather hypocritical juncture, I just bought my first actual albums today in 3 years.